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0888 233 533; 02/8698622; mircheva@sagabg.net
0899966042; 02/9864840
0895 515 310; 0892 488 314; 032/634595; vasko.tozi@abv.bg

International Bulgarian Program for Shibendu Lahiri`s Visit:
13.06.2013 06.07.2013

13 June 2013 Arrival in Sofia on Thursay by flight AF 2270 at 14.05, Terminal 2.
14 June2013 Public talk
15 June 2013 Initiation
16 June 2013 Initiation
17-23 June 2013 Retreat in Pamporovo a resort in the Rodop Mountains, at an altitude of 1500 m
6 July 2013 Departure from Sofia on Saturday, at 17.20, Terminal 2. by flight AF 1789

with Shibendu Lahiri
17.06.2013 23.06.2013

The retreat will take place at Pamporovo resort in hotel Finlandia.
Pamporovo resort is a resort in the Rhodope Mountains are a huge range in the Southern Bulgarian
Balkan Peninsula. The mountain, buried in age-old forests and greenery, is a diverse and complicated
system of mountain massifs, valleys and mountain plains. The length of this huge mountain range is
240 km from west to east and 100 km from north to south. It is associated with the ancient legend
about the mythical Thracian singer Orpheus and with unique architectural monuments and traditional
houses which are in harmony with the mountain scenery.
The Eastern Rhodope region has been inhabited since the dawn of European civilization and it is the
richest in the Balkans in megalithic monuments from Thracian antiquity. The fortresses in this part of
the mountain are possibly the best preserved medieval strongholds in the territory of present-day
Bulgaria. The climate in the Eastern Rhodope Mountains is transitory between moderately continental
and mediterranean and its unique location on the Bulgarian/Greek border is the reason for the permanent
warm and fresh weather. The temperature can reach lows of -9 to highs of +40 degrees C and
the region holds the record for the most sunny days in Bulgaria. Pamporovo claims to be the sunniest
mountain resort in Europe (270 sunny days per year on average)
The biggest winter resort in the Rhodop Mountains region is called Pamporovo. It is also one of the
biggest mountain resorts in the country.
Pamporovo is located 260 km away from Sofia, 85 km away from the city of Plovdiv and 15 km away
from the town of Smolyan. The Mediterranean Sea strongly affects the climate of the resort. The beauty
of the mountain region makes Pamporovo suitable both for a summer and for a winter vacation.
Pamporovo is situated below Snezhanka peak. The peak has a 156-m high television tower and offers
incredible view of the Rhodopes. People say that during fair weather you could see the Aegean Sea
from the peak. Some of Pamporovo's ski tracks start from Snezhanka and go down.
During the summer, Pamporovo offers coolness and peace. The number of tourists is much smaller
than during the winter and you can enjoy some genuine rest.
Various interesting sites are located in the region. Organize one-day trips and visit the nearby villages
of Shiroka Luka, Stoikite, Gela, Bachkovo and Smilyan. Bachkovo Monastery and Asenova fortress are
also nearby. The towns of Chepelare and Smolyan, the Smolyan lakes and Choudnite Mostove natural
phenomenon are situated a walking distance away.
The Rhodopes are also known for the numerous caves. One of the most beautiful caves in Bulgaria,
Ouhlovitsa, is situated near Smolyan. Yagodinska, Dyavolskoto Gurlo and Haramiyska caves are near the
spa resort of Devin. Chepelare has the only speleology exploration museum on the Balkan peninsula.

The price for the stay in Hotel "Finlandia" in Pamporovo during the retreat is 36 levs (18 euro),
18 levs (9 euro) for children at the age of 6-12 years per night for one person in double room,
32 levs (16 euro) for one person in triple room and 44 (22 euro) levs for a single room.
This price includes breakfast, lunch and diner.

For registrations for participation in the Bulgarian retreat contact:
Biserka Mircheva 0888 233 533; 02/8698622; mircheva@sagabg.net
Rumiana Kurkchieva 0899966042; 02/9864840
Vasil Tosev 0895 515 310; 0892 488 314; 032/634595; vasko.tozi@abv.bg

For more information about the hotel you should visit its web site www.hotelfinlandia.com

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